Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I am leaving in the morning for a much needed 3 night beach trip. (which means my shop is on vacation mode). I am really looking forward to running around with my son on the beach and his new rain boots. I may also get up early to look for another hidden glass float. I technically found one in 2008 when I was newly pregnant, which made it a very memorable trip. I say technically only because when I called to register the float it wasn't one they hid, and I still have yet to learn who made it.

The float is currently sitting proudly on my hutch. I have spent at least 5 New Year's beach trips looking, even getting up at 7am to search.

As for Etsy related news, I got invited to sell my cards at a craft fair in April, but I think it is the same day as my step-sister's wedding, so we will have to see. I have more cards to finish too, as my very sweet family as given me 5 sales in the last few days. Be back in 2011!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Job Interview!

I am leaving in about an hour for my job interview. I am looking forward to the experience even if I don't get offered a job. I would love to ultimately run my Etsy shop instead of work, but I am just starting out and something has got to help me pay all my school loans.