Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Yesterday's projects...one complete so far.


So yesterday I started my first major house decor project. I had a small chest/table that I wanted to paint. It had been sitting in our garage for 2 years, so figured an overhaul would spruce it up. I also am working on redoing our dining set. I bought 4 new chairs on Craigslist. They are older and really squeaky, so that is something else I need to figure out. I am hoping the work I put into them will be worth it. (Already made plans to give our old chairs to a close friend.) I am keeping our table, but will paint the legs and stain the top. The chest is complete and now off our dining room area. I have finished one chair, and after covering 2 seats I realized 1 yard of fabric wouldn't be enough. It's spendy even on sale, so thinking I will get a cheaper fabric for the other two (something that won't clash too much). ((The chair paint is gray, just looks blue in that picture))

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